black/yellow gun dogs California

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black/yellow gun dogs California

  jose gonzalez

  10315 julius av
          downey, California - United States



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Background on Eli

Eli is an unbelievable hunter with five yrs experience of hunting upland game and water fowl, he is well mannered but very birdy. He marks doubles, retrieves on command in and out of cover, smart to hand signals and whistle commands. Eli is a well bred Labrador Retriever. Eli's Grandfather FC AFC Misty Morning Woody and Grate Grandfather NFC NAFC Candlewoods Super Tanker (sire of NFC NFC/AFC Candlewood's Tanks A Lot) are son and great grand son of NFC/AFC San Juaquin Honcho one of the all time top producing labs in history.

Back ground on Zoe

Zoe is a strong 85 pound bitch , with six years of hunting experience. Zoe can hunt all weekend, she has a tremendous drive to flush, retrieve, and she was bred to please 100% of the time. On numerous occasions Zoe successfully helped hunters with downed birds they could'nt find, or you could find her at the end of a field, nose to the ground and as I call her to kennel the birds erupt into the sun set.