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Tri-Tronics Pro 200 G3 EXP with FREE HOLSTER - Product Reviews

Tri-Tronics Pro 200 G3 EXP with FREE HOLSTER

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4 out of 5
4 out of 5
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Tri-Tronics Pro 200 G3 EXP
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:The function that I was carefully looking for in a dog collar was a good operating range. I needed a collar for my very stubborn dog and I wanted something that would still allow me to control my dog even at a distance. We usually stroll around a lot and our property is situated near the woods with a lot of outcrops. These irregularities in the terrain usually disrupt the connection between the collar and the remote so I was really looking for something that wouldn’t give me a problem regarding this. I was very particular about it since I really love my dog and I wouldn’t want him ending up hurt or lost just because I couldn’t control him. I finally chose this product which has a one mile range. That’s good enough for me. I’ve been using it for six months now and I had no problems with its operating range. I’m very satisfied with this collar. It has never failed me since day 1.
Pros:Range, Satisfied, Tone
Gentle on my dog
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:I wanted something that I was really sure wouldn’t hurt my dog. I wasn’t really going to buy a dog collar but I was left with no choice. I have a very aggressive dog and if I don’t didn’t do something about it, my neighbors would have kicked me out. The last straw was when he jumped on my neighbor’s visiting nephew. The kid was scared out of his wits. It was just terrible and very embarrassing. I had to teach my dog how to behave himself. So I researched about dog collars and finally bought the Pro 200. It has both the continuous and nick corrections for your dog. The continuous correction gives your dog the correction for about 10 seconds while the nick lasts for less than a second and is just momentary. At first, I was very happy that it had the nick function since I thought it was gentler on my dog. But I ended up thanking the continuous correction because it was actually what worked on my aggressive dog. The momentary stimulation was just too gentle for him to feel. I’m just glad that after completing his training, I hardly have to use the correction on him.
Pros:Momentary Stimulation, Best product
Highly recommended
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:If you have an extremely stubborn dog, don’t give up so easily. Try the Tri-Tronics Pro 200. It could be the solution you have been looking for. Believe me, I’ve been there. I was ready to give up my dog for adoption because of his worsening behavior issues. I didn’t want to use a dog collar on him. I wasn’t really a believer of this method. But it was breaking my heart thinking that I would be giving him up. So I went against my principles and tried the collar on him. I was surprised how quick the results were! After just a week of training, the changes on my dog’s behavior were dramatic! I was very happy. I’m now a firm believer of using dog collars on dogs. But only when necessary and when nothing else has worked on your dog. Also, be sure to read and learn about using dog collars so that you will use it properly and avoid any untoward incidents that could hurt your dog.
Easy to use
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:Using Tri-Tronics Pro 200 has given me the greatest experience with my dog. Before this collar, I had to keep him inside the house at all times. And I can sense in him that he wanted to go out and play. But I just couldn’t risk it. If I let him out, I put a leash on him and I always keep him by my side. If I don’t he would quickly run off chasing after whatever he wants to. This product was very effective even during the first day of training. Even after the first hour, I can see the improvement on my dog. I love that it is very easy and convenient to use. It has multiple buttons that allows for quick modifications on the correction level if you need to. During the first few training sessions, I had to occasionally switch from the lower setting to the medium correction levels. Especially during times when he gets too distracted. I had no problem doing it even with just one hand. To sum it all up, this product is very effective and very easy to use. I highly recommend this product.
Pros:Effective, Easy and Convenient, Recommend
A great dog training aid
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:I own a very active and stubborn dog. She loves to run around and only comes back at her own time. I’ve been putting her on the leash regularly because of her uncontrollable behavior. But I wanted her to be happy and I can see in her that the leash wasn’t such a good companion. So basically, I needed to get rid of the leash. But how can I do that with such a hard-headed dog. A good friend of mine recommended this product and I bought it right away after doing my own reading about it. This collar is amazing! In just 2 days of training, my dog has learned the how to listen and obey the commands that I give to her. It was such a great experience! I couldn’t believe it at first. I never thought that it would be that easy. Now, I can let her run without the leash and without worrying about her. It has been a liberating experience. I should have bought this collar sooner.
Pros:Recommended, Great experience, Amazing