What You Can Expect When Using the SportDOG 10R Bark Collar

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What You Can Expect When Using the SportDOG 10R Bark Collar

Note: For the first few instances of giving a correction to your dog, never leave him alone.

Let your dog wear the SportDOG 10R Bark Collar. Make sure that he is wearing it properly. Stay close by and wait until he barks. A good number of dogs will tend to relax and will not bark since they immediately comprehend that the NoBark 10R is stopping their impulse to bark. For some dogs however, receiving a correction will shock them at first causing them to bark more.

In exceptional cases, some dogs tend to slip into a cycle of bar-correction-bark-correction. Be sure to comfort your dog using comforting and gentle words when this occurs. Help him relax until he fully comprehends that he will not be stimulated if he remains silent. Although this may happen to a few dogs, this usually occurs only during their initial encounter with the NoBark 10R.

After a few days of using the NoBark 10R, expect a noticeable decline in your dog’s barking. However, don’t be complacent as your dog’s education doesn’t stop there. Expect that your dog will try to challenge this new experience and will try to attempt to bark. Most dogs will do this around the second week of wearing the unit. Just be firm and consistent and just continue using the NoBark 10R. For every instance that you do not want your dog to bark, let him wear the NoBark 10R. Failure to do so may allow your dog to go back to his previous barking behavior which will result to a major setback on his training or learning process.

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