Troubleshooting SportDOG Electronic Collars

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Troubleshooting SportDOG Electronic Collars

Regardless of the SportDOG Brand Electronic Collar you own.  You should begin your troubleshooting process right here.  

Troubleshooting for ALL SportDOG Electronic Collars

My dog doesn’t seem to feel any type of stimulation when I press the button. What might be wrong?

  • Make sure the collar receiver has been turned on.
  • Check your battery life on both the transmitter and the collar receiver.
  • Verify that the collar is delivering stimulation by using the test light on the collar receiver.
  • If on a low intensity level, a small increment may be necessary.
  • Make sure the contact points are snug and touching the dog’s skin directly.
  • If the range is impacted, perhaps the terrain has changed.

The collar receiver does not seem to be turning on.

It is important to make sure the battery life of your collar receiver is working. If the battery is low, replace it with new ones.

The Collar Receiver and the Remote Transmitter do not seem to be corresponding with one another.

  • Make sure your collar receiver is ON.
  • You may need to RESET your collar receiver. Please see User Guide on “How to Reset the Collar Receiver”.

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