Teaching Your Spaniel To Retrieve To Hand

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Teaching Your Spaniel To Retrieve To Hand

 by: Gary Breitbarth of G&D Kennels

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0:39 On the past videos, we've showed you the three steps and how to get to that. Now, we're assuming that you know the trained retrieve with the dog and the dog understands the trained retrieve. Now we're going to show you how to make the delivery proper with the place boards.

0:58 The first step will be me throwing a dummy out for her.  She'll fetch it and bring it back. And she's going to see this place board and this is where she's going to come to. That way she's not going beside us or around us or anything and we're having troubles getting her in. She'll know to go to the spot I point to and sit and deliver the bird to me or in this case the dummy.

1:29 Good. Now, if you want to have your dog steady, the best thing to do is have them sit on that place board until the bird hits the ground or the dummy in this case. Then you send them. Now, if you want a fun bumper or something, release the dog from the board.

1:50 Now with fun bumper I like very much. It loosen up the dog, keeps them energetic. But you have to take them off the place board. Don't leave them on the place board and give them a fun bumper. This is the way you do a fun bumper.

Come on, fun bumper. Fun bumper. Fun bumper! Let them have it. Now, for right now, getting them used to still coming back.

2:18 Have them turn around.  Now if you want to work on your steadiness, right away they'll know the difference. Fetch.

Now as she gets closer, put your hand down. Come. Good dog. Good. What a good dog.

Not a lot of exciting praise. You don't want her jumping off the board where you're in trouble. If she gets in trouble, I'm going to have to correct her. Good dog.

Hopefully these tips have helped you. I'm Gary Breitbarth from G&D Kennels along with Gundogs Online.

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