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Calls That Don't Sound Like Geese, But Work

I'm Hunter Grounds. What I want to talk to you today is calls that don't sound like geese but they do respond to it and they do kill them. As you notice, we've got our cameraman, Tony, in there. We were two birds shy. And we've seen five geese, over there probably three quarters of a mile, way over there.

Caring For Your Dogs Foot Irritation

We're talking about common injuries that occur to our hunting dogs in the field. And I like to break it down to you the different areas where some of our injuries can occur, starting with the upland situation.

Gear For Your Blind Bag

I just want to take a quick minute and go over what is in my blind bag consistently throughout the year.

Field Tips On Shooting with Tim Grounds and Tim Bradley

It's good to see you here at SHOT Show 2008. We all know that there's probably nobody out there that shoots as many geese as you do in a year, depending on the migration.

Using a Dog Blind by Shawn Stahl

He's not too excited is he? How you doing? Welcome to Gundogs Online. I'll tell you something. There's a lot of tips, a lot of tactics that people have for training their dogs, whether it be in the hunting field or in the training field.

A Great Short Reed Goose Call For Kids

You know, I just seen a dad and son walk through here going to do the same thing. I mean look at the fight this thing is putting on. First time I've ever done this and you know the thing I thought what a great way to get a kid involved in the outdoors and to let him enjoy this, unbelievable place we've got here to fish. It's awesome.

Using Silhouette Decoys with Darrel Wise

If you're in love with a sport, then you enjoy it. It's a passion. We live it. And I mean, you've taken it to the nth degree. You've taken it and you've actually created Real Geese, which is your baby. And you know I'm a silhouette fanatic. And there are so many misconceptions of, oh, you know you've gotta use the full bodies. You can't attract birds as much as full bodies with a silhouette.

The Differences Between The Polycarbonate And Acrylic Calls

I'm Hunter Grounds here in Connecticut with my good buddies Matt Wettish and Geoff English with Gundogs Online. Just got done fishing, getting ready for the early goose season. I just want to take a minute to talk to you a little bit about the difference between polycarb and acrylic.

Concealing Your Layout Blind

Hey, what do you want to do for the afternoon hunt? Do you want to use the fake grass or go with this real nice natural coverage?

How To Care For A Dogs Torn Ear

Today we're going to talk about a common injury that occurs with our hunting dogs, whether it's in the upland field or the waterfowl hunting area. And that is a torn ear.