Teaching Your Hunting Dog the "Hup" or "Sit"

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

Teaching Your Hunting Dog the "Hup" or "Sit"



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0:38 Today we're going to start our twelve week out English Springer Spaniel, Briar, on tidbit training the hup command. This will be her first lesson.

0:54 Hup. Good dog. What we're going to talk about is getting your puppy off to the right start by teaching it tidbit training with the hup command. What we teach with tidbit training is problem solving so the dog learns through you he is rewarded and how to get the treat.

See, he's going in my pocket right now. Hup. And that's how the dog's rewarded.

1:30 Now we'll walk her around a little bit just to keep her moving, bring her to me. Using the hand down...hup..and reward her. Those are the simple things you want to teach a dog at this age. And then they learn through you they're rewarded.

This was Briar's first day, believe it or not, and she's learned pretty fast...hup...how to do this. Now some dogs, you're going to have a day or two of teaching them. One of the things, ways you want to do it, is if the dog's being very stubborn about sitting, you put it right by his nose. Hup. You pull him down. And the minute his butt hits the ground, give him the tidbit.

2:18 Come. Show you again. I'll get the leash close. Put it by his nose. Hup. And that's how you can teach them a little bit more. And pretty soon you'll let them start doing it on their own.

Now, I like liver treats. And the reason I like them is they're real fast and the dog can eat them right away. I don't like biscuits because they'll sit there and eat them an take their attention off of you. You want a quick treat. And you get some dogs that aren't as food driven. They don't wake up to biscuits the way they do these liver treats.

2:59 Now, I can use the leash here for her come. Come. And I have too. And that's how I can teach her now how to start coming. Come. Good dog! See that got a little snappy there too.

Hopefully these tips will help you get your dog on the right track. And I'm looking forward to seeing your more on Gundogs Online. I'm Gary Breitbarth. Thank you very much.

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