Teaching Your Dog To Honor Another Dogs Retrieve

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

Teaching Your Dog To Honor Another Dogs Retrieve

 by: Tom Dokken


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0:47 Teaching your dog to honor is no different than having your dog steady and not going to retrieve until he's sent.  When we're talking about honoring all it really means is watching another dog retrieve and not going and basically having your dog wait for its own turn.

1:04 Now we're going to start this process with your dog on the leash. Now keep in mind, your dog needs to be steady by himself first before you start this process. We'll also have the other dog on a leash too to make sure that they can't break. We'll start off by having one dog get a retrieve while the other dog sits, waits and honors. Once the dog comes back
with the retrieve, we'll start the same process using the dog. Now once we get our dogs to the point where they're solid using the leash, then we're going to transfer this command over onto the remote collar, which we've already done before up to this point.

1:40 We are also going to add in the gun and a thrower. But if your dog can't sit still right now for a hand thrown dummy, don't proceed on and go to the gun. Let's see how this works.

2:00 Sit. Rookie! (whistle blows) Heal. Good. Thatta boy. Good.

2:15 Sit. Sit. Sit. (whistle blows) Sit.

2:31 Now we're going to add the gun and we're going to add a thrower out in front of us. Now keep in mind, anytime that you add something new, you want to expect that your dog's going to break. You want to be on top of that, especially when you add the gun because that's going to add a new excitement level. Let's give it a try and see how it goes.

2:53 Sit. (gunshot)

3:03 (whistle blows) Good boy! Thatta boy! Heal! Good.  Thatta boy. Heal. Sit. Sit. Good. Sit.

3:17 (gunshot) (whistle blows)

3:35 Well you can see that these dogs have passed this test.  Now we just progress on from there. We're going to add the shot gun. We'll start with some dead birds for our next drill. We would go to some live birds and then actually get to the point where we're taking our shot guns out, sitting next to the dog and shooting.

Keep in mind, it's a progression based training. If your dog starts to break, you go back on the leash and reinforce it. You do these drills, you're going to be able to go out with your hunting buddies and actually share the retrieving and have fun in the duck blind.

4:05 [Closing]

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