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Lens color:
Today's shooting glasses come in many different lens colors from clear to vermillion. Below is a guide for choosing lens colors for different sky conditions, target colors and backgrounds.

Recommended Lenses for Shooting Glasses - Low Light Conditions
Clear - Best for poor lighting and shooting indoors when no contrast is needed. Also, an excellent safety lens when hand loading.

Pale Yellow - The lens has a brightening effect in low light conditions, dusk or dawn. A very light color tint allows this lens to be used indoors, outdoors, in flat light or at night.

Yellow - Great lens choice for overcast foggy days or late afternoon. Good lens for rifle or pistol shooting with black and white targets. Can be used while shooting at an indoor range.

Medium Yellow - Maximum enhancement of orange clay targets in low light conditions.

Recommended Lenses for Shooting Glasses - Average Light Conditions
Sunset Orange - Ideal for bright, hazy conditions. Slightly darker than orange, helps absorb scattered blue light and provides contrast. Also, enhances visual acuity.

Orange - Excellent all around lens for orange clay targets. Enhances the orange of any target on dull cloudy days, and at dusk or dawn.

Vermillion - Traditional choice for shooting against green backgrounds. Highlights conditions where there is a poor background. Highlights orange and dampens green. Good lens for those who see orange targets poorly.

Light Purple - This lens provides excellent contrast of orange targets against green backgrounds or against the sky. Combines grey and vermillion. It dampens the green and enhances the orange target against trees.

Recommended Lenses for Shooting Glasses - Intense Light Conditions
Deep Purple - Darker than Purple- this lens is a good choice for very bright sunlight and provides great contrast of orange targets against a deep blue sky. An excellent lens for glare reduction.

Brown - This lens reduces brightness and gives good definition of orange targets. A good all around lens for shooting orange targets on bright glaring days with open background.

Bronze - Offers high contrast for bright, glaring days with open background. Good choice for hunting in snow conditions.

Grey - Reduces light and transmits all colors at the same level. Does not enhance orange targets. Use in bright sunlight. Popular choice for rifle or pistol shooters.

Final Note:
Don't take you eyesight for granted. Many of us do, none of us should. Before heading off to the range or field make sure you have a pair of quality shooting glasses that fit you properly. Shooting glasses do nothing to help protection you eyesight if they are left in your bag or at home. Make sure you choose a pair that are comfortable and have proper eye coverage and if you’re playing shooting sports you can always use our color guide above to gain an advantage over your competition. Do your homework, if you have any questions regarding the selection of your next pair of shooting glasses, please don’t hesitate to call toll free at 1-866-4GUNDOG.
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