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Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

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Hunters are invited to bring their own gun dogs. All dogs are welcome at Prairie Grouse Haven. While pointing breeds enjoy the most success on prairie grouse, flushing breeds can also experience success. Together with the knowledgeable guides at Prairie Grouse Haven, hunters with close working flushing dogs will be placed in the right habitat, at the right time, under the right conditions and with expert strategy for close in shots. This country is big enough to hunt multiple dogs and parties. Each individual party is kept separate and on their individual hunt. This past season, one of their hunters, Ross Starner from Pennsylvania and his awesome German shorthaired pointers took a life time best - four doubles in four days hunting. One of these doubles even contained a prairie chicken and a sharptail grouse together. These two species of prairie grouse do mix together in this area and in the early season. Since the early season can be hot, dogs must be in excellent physical condition, especially when hunting at mid day.


Prairie Grouse Haven focuses on hunting prairie grouse as a priority over pheasants and is based out of the lodge operated at Kyle Moeller’s ”All About the Hunt”. Kyle Moeller is a full service outfitter, rancher and famer, offering outstanding pheasant, deer and turkey hunts. There are many tracks of tribal ground located close to the lodge. While there are 12,000 private acres of awesome upland ground right there, the inclusion of the Rosebud Indian Reservation provides vast and additional country with multiple options for the traveling sportsmen. Nonresident hunters bound for the South Dakota opener elsewhere can hunt grouse the week prior and still bag some wild roosters, all on tribal ground with Prairie Grouse Haven. This is a nice option for the traveling wing shooter planning to hunt with several outfitters over the course of a few weeks. If you are a dried in the wool prairie grouse hunter, but prefer the later season for the chance at a mountable boomer, you can hunt grouse all day here and still pick up your roosters incidentally out in the grass – that’s how many pheasants there are is this area. 


The Lodge
Photo by: Author
The lodge has been recently renovated and expanded. A rustic bar with a pool table is now the center piece for the lodge. Local pine was brought in raw and crafted into a unique look and function, both inside and out. A spiral staircase provides access to a second story poker/cigar room, complete with a men’s only restroom. Two large decks, upper and lower, overlook the wild South Dakota prairie. There is a nice mud room to bring in kenneled dogs. Well behaved gun dogs are allowed to sleep in your room. While the majority of the 11 bedrooms have two beds, most hunters take advantage of having a private room. Cooks that work the lodge are of local talent and offer some of the best home cooked, country cuisine this hunter has sampled. I have not experienced a better apple pie anywhere!


Prairie Grouse Haven is six and a half hours northeast of Denver. There is a small airport in near-by Winner, South Dakota for private planes, about a half hour away. Most hunters fly into Rapid City, Sioux Falls, Pierre, or Omaha, rent an SUV and drive to the lodge. While the 12 gauge is still king in South Dakota, smaller gauges are used very successfully on early season prairie grouse. The cost at Prairie Grouse Haven is $480 per day, per hunter. To hunt the Rosebud Indian Reservation, a $75 tribal prairie grouse license is good for the season . A tribal small game combo, including pheasant runs $125. In 2011, the grouse season opens on September 10th. The statewide pheasant season opens October 15th while on the “Res” it opens on October 8th. Call or email Scott Winston at 303-450-5013, for more information.

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