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Mountain Grouse Haven

Columbia sharptail grouse are a covey bird weighing only a pound and a half - the same size as a ruffed grouse, but only half the size of the dusky grouse. A big male dusky grouse will go over three pounds. Dusky grouse occur throughout the Rocky Mountains, but Columbia shaprtail grouse only occur in certain remote and often difficult to access locals. While other regions of the country struggle to reclaim habitat for the Columbia sharptail grouse, I have discovered a place where this rare game bird is thriving. It just so happens that there are also very strong numbers of dusky grouse here as well. I can’t think of a more productive and beautiful place I’d rather be in September with my spaniels, pursuing the sporting life in the uplands and carrying a double gun. I have coined this place “Mountain Grouse Haven”.

Rosebud Indian Reservation Upland Bird Hunting Report

South central South Dakota is one of a few places where two species of prairie grouse, prairie chickens and shaptail grouse, overlap in their range. Rivers like the Missouri and the White carve through the prairie breaking up the monotony of the country and provide ideal habitat for these two prairie grouse species.

Prairie Chickens on Tribal Ground

A covey rise of prairie chickens flushing fast, chuckling and flashing their fanned tail feathers is a wild western wing shooting adventure for sure.

The Modern History of the 16 Gauge

A modern history of the 16 gauge begins here ... with the story of how Bill Hicks & Co. brought an all new Browning 16 gauge over/under back to American birdgunners. The Browning Story Several years ago, Bill Hicks & Co. brought back the 16 gauge Browning in two production runs, totaling 1,500 over/unders. They were "non-catalog" guns made (but not sold) by Browning.

Quail Hunting - Then and Now

Few sounds are more haunting than the bobwhite’s call at sunset. Haunting, but endearing, comforting. These last two emotions are likely by-products of my childhood, when this grandest of all game birds could be heard with great frequency across the countryside that was home.

Essential Gear For Traveling With Your Bird Dog

“A trio of dog crates; a couple big bags of dog food, and two five-gallon cans of water along with a half dozen bottles, flasks, jugs, and dishes; leads, leashes, and check cords; tie-out stakes and stake-out chains; remote training collars and bark-control collars; dog vests and dog boots; a canine first-aid kit; bells and beeper collars; identification collars in several colors; retrieving dummies; chewing devices; and a bag marked ‘Miscellaneous Dog Gear.’ -- All this stuff looks like you’re starting your own gun dog supply catalog instead of going on a five-day pheasant and waterfowl hunt, “My hunting partner decided after a quick inventory of the dog gear we were loading into the back of his pickup.”

Tracking Collar Reviews

There are many types of dog tracking collars on the market today. These collars include manufacturers such as Tracker, Innotek, Marshall Radio Systems, Quick Track, and Wildlife Materials. In this article, I would like to help clear up some of the terminology and concepts associated with choosing the right dog tracking collar for your needs.

Gun Shy Dogs

That chunk of chain you’ve got staked under the shade trees so Pup won’t get too hot - well, leave it there. That chain will also help us cure the bird-shy, gun-shyness, man-shy, and cover-shy dog.

Early October Hare Hunt

This was my second year in a row going Snow Shoe Hare hunting in Northern Maine in October. Previously, I had gone on a three-day hare hunt in Northwestern New York State in minus five-degree weather where the hounds had a difficult time trying to run. I found it to be a big ice patch, and the weather was dry and cold.

Counting Crows

"Crow hunting? What do you do with crows?", was my initial response to my first invitation to shoot crows. "Nuthin", said my farmer friend, "Its good practice for ducks and it keeps them out of the crops". He continued, “Besides, it’s a whole lotta fun!” I had read a few articles and have seen crow calls, electric callers and crow decoys in catalogues, but had never given much thought to the idea of actually hunting them. Before this the only thing I had ever used a crow call for was as a locator call for spring gobblers.