Pro-Ears Dimension Series Sporting Clays (DSC)

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Pro-Ears Dimension Series Sporting Clays (DSC)

In the past, I have always used a pair of disposable sponge plugs or ear inserts to protect my hearing when shooting. While these are probably the most common and inexpensive hearing protection on the market today, they seem to always be missing from my shooting bag or covered in pocket lint when I need them. As I became a more active shooter, I realized it was time to take hearing protection to the next level. My search eventually moved me from the traditional sponge earplugs toward electronic hearing protection (that allows me to hear normal and low volume noises, such as conversation while protecting my ears from loud harmful sounds) -- enter the Pro Ears Dimension Series Sporting Clays (DSC).

The Pro Ears Sporting Clays model utilizes a technology called Dynamic Level Compression or DLC™. DLC is unlike other units on the market today that utilize “Peak Clipping” technology and react to loud noises by shutting off the amplification system, leaving dead spots in your hearing. Instead, Pro Ears simply “compresses” harmful noises to a safe level (below 70 dB) and leaves you free to hear all the sounds at a comfortable level. The Pro Ears DLC™ technology works fast too, reducing harmful sounds in less than 2 milliseconds -- the fastest “Attack Time” of any hearing protection on the market today.

Field Test Ratings
Ease of Use / Instructions10
Size / Weight9
Overall Rating 9.4
Favorite Features:
Ultra-Compact Size
“Dynamic Level Compression - DLC™
Comfortable Fit
Pro Ears have been designed to provide the wearer with stereo sound for true directional noise detection. Each ear shell contains a small amplification system with independent volume controls that lets you hear low volume sounds like conversations around the skeet field. The soft foam “Sealing Ring” provides you with a comfortable fit and seals around the ear even while wearing shooting glasses.

Pro Ears has always had a reputation for excellence in hearing protection and has been the choice of the top Police Departments, SWAT Teams, Special Operations Units of the United States Military. The Pro Ears Sporting Clays are worn by professional and amateur shooters around the world who are committed to safeguarding their hearing, while pursuing their passion for breaking clays.

  • Dynamic Level Compression (DLC™) protects hearing without shutting off the amplification system.
  • The clearest, most natural sound quality
  • Independent Volume Controls
  • Stereo sound for true directional noise detection
  • 200 hours minimum battery life
  • Industry’s only 5-year warranty.
  • DSC-2 available with audio input jack

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