Place Board Training Part 2 -The Sit, Stay, Come and Go Away Commands

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Place Board Training Part 2 -The Sit, Stay, Come and Go Away Commands

By: Gary Breitbarth of G&D Kennels


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0:38 With the introduction video with tidbit training we taught the dogs how to go to the place board. Now we're going to expand on that with what we call three steps. That's to go away, sit and stay, and come. Those are our three steps.

Now, what we'll do is introduce the collar to do that. Now when the dog starts using the collar, and you correct the dog for the collar, they want to stay underneath you. They don't want to get away. But with us teaching the dog to go away from us, it's going to teach the dog it's okay. So he's going to balance out and understand what we want him to do.

1:21 So we'll walk around. He stays with you. Little Nick. You see that reaction with the dog? That's all you need. And then if you have to go up a little more, you can go up. Place.

Now if this dog steps off the board, he'll get a correction. And that will make the dog understand that that's hup and stay. That's step one. So what I'll do is I'll back up here a little bit and pull on the leash. Hup. See the resistance the dog's having? That tells me the dog understands. Good.

2:09 Now we'll move over here, do the same thing. See the resistance? Hup. And it's okay that she follows me like she did. Hup. Okay, this dog understands the stay. So now what I'm going to do, I'm going to split my boards and we'll start off at a small distance. We use a check cord to control the dog and keep them with us at this point. We don't want the dog running off and flighting from us. We want the dog to stay with us and learn to work through this.

We use a simple hand signal. Come. And point to the board. Good dog. Hup. Now at this point if the dog doesn't come, do not use the collar because this place board is the dog's safety. Once he gets further along in his training you can use the check cord for come.

3:26 Come. Now the next step will be go away. We're going to teach her to go to the place board away from us. Place. See how I was able to use the check there and keep her in control? You want to do that.

Come. Place. Now, if the dog didn't want to go, you would say, place, check them, and then nick them with the collar and put them to the place board. And I'll show you. Come. Place. Just like that. On the second command. Come. Good dog. Place.

Now what we can do is widen them out a little more.

4:34 Place. See how I'm spreading them out wider and wider? Come. Place. This gives your dog more confidence to go away from you, balancing the dog out. Come. Place. And you can switch sides. Come.

5:27 Now we feel the dog is confident with the check cord and isn't trying to flee, is staying with you and working with you. Our next challenge to the dog is going to be doing it without the check cord. And we'll see how the dog works through it.

5:49 Place. Notice how I get between the two boards so the dog doesn't run back behind me to this board. Back up over the board. Come. Hup. Good dog. Soothing praise. Good dog. Place. Good dog. Come. Place.

Now you can widen the boards out more. When you widen the boards out, don't go drastic. I kicked it a couple times; that will be enough. Come.

Feet should be up against the palette so if you're too far back the dog will walk past you and see how the dog wants to walk off the place board? Have your feet up against it.

7:00 Place. Come. Good dog. Place. Now don't worry about your dog not being animated about this. This is not what we call fun stuff. But the dog has to learn it. So don't worry that your dog ain't animated and excited about this.

Now some of the ways you can help them through it is throw a dummy for them, have them come back to it and open them up that way.

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