Place Board Training Part 1 -An Introduction

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

Place Board Training Part 1 -An Introduction

By: Gary Breitbarth of G&D Kennels


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0:38 Hi, I'm Gary from G&D Kennels and we're going to show you how we get these dogs used to the place boards with tidbit training. Me and Briar will show you this. Come on, Briar. I'm going to sit him on the place board. Hup. Let him have a little treat.

Now these place boards are three inches high. If the dog steps off of it, he'll feel it and what we can do is put the dog back so it learns it doesn't want to step off. See how he wants to step off? Place. I want to give him a treat.

1:17 All I'm looking for is just to teach him to sit here and stay. I'm not going to move the dog around or anything. Just let him get used to sitting here. I can move around, see if he's going to follow me. He steps off, place. Place. Place. Good dog. And then give him a treat.

1:41 Good boy. Good boy. Notice I give him soothing praise. I don't get excited and get him excited. I'm just soothing the dog. Good dog. What a good boy.

1:56 Place. The command I use is place. What a good dog. See how we're getting him to sit and settle? And if he settles and he's being a good boy, I'll give him a treat. So he's getting a little food for just sitting and staying.

2:26 I'll move around a little bit, see if he follows me. Now, once you get farther into your training, you can get farther and farther away. Right now, I kind of want to stay close. Good boy.

2:49 Now, I'm not doing nothing. He hasn't come off the place board. Hup. Good dog. I let him make a decision.

3:03 I can move over here. We'll see what he does. That's pretty good. We'll give him a treat for that. What a good boy!

3:18 Now what we can do is walk him around. Come. And we're going to see if we can put him right back up there. Place. Come on. Place. Place. Place. Place. Come. Come on. Place. Come on. Place.

4:08 Place. Place. Place. Place. Come. Place. Place. Good dog! Good dog! Good dog.

4:44 See there was no tug of war there, just a couple of, place, couple checks on the check cord to bring him in. That's going to happen. That's normal.

5:00 Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Come. Good dog. Hup. Hup.

5:42 Good dog. What a good dog. Just get used to him. Let him sit here a little bit for awhile. Good dog. Now right there we saw we had a little problem,  place, getting the dog to come to the place board, so we'll back up and just let the dog sit and stay for awhile. And then work into that.

6:15 Come. (makes noises with mouth) Come. Place. Place. Place. Place. Good! As you can see there was a lot of decisions there. He wanted to run, wanted to take off and the finally he decided to come in. And we rewarded him for that. So he'll start learning what the habit you want him into and start learning that this is the reward. So we're teaching this dog problem solving already at this young age.

7:01 Come. Place. Hup. Now that's perfect. That's what you're looking for right there where you can walk the dog right up on the board. If he does it once more, then we will feel we've accomplished what we wanted with this dog. And we would quit.

7:25 Place. Hup. That's perfect. Okay, we've accomplished a lot with Briar today. And now what we'd do is do a lot of reps to get it where it becomes a habit and not him thinking about it. He just reacts.

7:45 Briar here did a great job for his first day on the place board. He also learned to sit and stay. But he's going to need repetition, over and over and over. By the time he's get done, he'll be a champion at this. I'm Gary Breitbarth with G&D Kennels and Gundogs Online.

8:09 [Closing]

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