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Some Pictures Are Worth More Than a Thousand Words - This is One of Them

by Bill Hanus

These patterns, shot with the new 12-gauge FABARM Lion Paradox over/under shotgun at 15 yards will revolutionize the way you take birds over a close-working dog.

FABARM (distributed by Heckler Koch in the U.S.) is one of the most innovative shotgun designs in the industry. The new Lion Paradox is an over/under in 12- or 20-gauge with 24" barrels. The top barrel is a TriBore System barrel with screw-in chokes (the cylinder tube was used to shoot the left-hand test pattern). The bottom barrel, from which the Lion Paradox derives its name, is rifled in the last six inches and was used to shoot the right-hand pattern. The results are plain. The Paradox rifled barrel produces a dense, even distribution pattern that is obviously superior to Cylinder. It’s a "Super Spreader" at short yardage. By the time the pellets get out to 25 yards, it’s going to cut a swath over four feet wide through a covey of quail - or give you a bonus lead on dove - or put some pattern on both sides of the tree that got between you and the grouse.

FABARM Lion Paradox ups the ante...
In the real world birdgunning community, many consider Improved Cylinder to be an "open" choke. Compare Improved Cylinder to rifled choke patterns at 15 yards: IC = 20"; Paradox = 30". At 25 yards: IC = 30"; Paradox = maybe 52". That is a significant difference - 50% or more - and a heck of an advantage or disadvantage, depending on whether your viewpoint is that of the hunter or the bird.

Rifling is the key...
Although using rifling to obtain better patterns is not a new idea, it’s todays cutting edge technology - here today - for guys who work heavy cover where birds flush from under their feet. No wonder Europeans are nuts about FABARM’s Lion Paradox.

The new Lion Paradox is available in either 12- or 20- gauge with 24" barrels. The top barrel has the regular TriBore System barrel system with screw-in chokes, while the bottom barrel has a one-turn-in-14" rifling in the last six inches of the barrel at the muzzle. Other features include: 3" chamber in both 12- and 20- gauges, single selective trigger, some cast-off with palm-swell grip for right-handed shooters, ventilated raised rib, smooth pad for easy mounting and the same, very nice "enhanced" wood and HK’s Lifetime Warranty. Suggested retail is $1,199.

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Enhanced Wood
Even though I knew the wood on the Lion Paradox had been "enhanced," the only clue I had was that it looked like someone had made a mistake and installed a $600 piece of wood on a $1,200 shotgun. It was that good. FABARM starts with a piece of medium grade walnut, then transfers dark, hand drawn accent lines from a transparent transfer sheet, in such a way so that it enhances the natural appearance of the wood. It augments and accents the existing piece of wood. It is not a plastic laminate or painted pattern. Each pattern is different. The stock is then finished in the normal fashion. If you are hooked on nice wood, you are going to be a goner when you check out the Lion Paradox.

The FABARM Lion Paradox with the rifled lower barrel is the hottest new product idea on the birdgun market today. Could this be your secret weapon against game birds next season? You owe it to your dog to check it out. After all, more short retrieves and fewer birds that have to be fetched with a spoon are benefits not to be lightly dismissed.

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