Introduction to Electronic Training Collars

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

Introduction to Electronic Training Collars

by Geoffrey English


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0:05 Good girl. You know without a doubt one of the most taboo subjects in dog training is the usage of electronic collar. And for good reason. When these collars were first designed they were only capable of emitting one level of stimulation. So what a trainer would do is they would go and take the highest level of stimulation and bring that out into the field for them.

Well, in recent years manufacturers have changed the design of these collars considerably. Now the collars are capable of offering multiple levels of stimulation and the intensity can be adjusted at the transmitter, which makes this one of the best tools a dog trainer can have.

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0:40 Another feature of today's collar is non electrical forms of stimulation. There are two types. There's tone and there's vibrate. The tone feature is great (beep) when you're working a dog at a distance. It's actually an audible sound that gets emitted from the collar. The vibrate is similar to a pager or cell phone in that it vibrates on the dog's neck which can be very desirable if you have an older dog with hearing difficulty.

Both the tone and vibrate can be incorporated into training as a praise or a warning command.

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1:10 As you can see electronic collars have come a long way. And when used properly, they can be the most valuable tool a trainer has at his disposal. For more information, video tips and products to help you get the most out of your hunting dog, please visit

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