Introduction To Double Marked Retrieves

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Introduction To Double Marked Retrieves

by: Geoff English


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0:06 You know, one thing's for sure. When you're training a young dog, it doesn't take very long to go from single marks to multiple marks.  Today I'm going to show you a technique that I use to teach my dog how to retrieve multiple birds. 

0:16 Missy.

0:19 Now, before you do this drill, make sure your dog is steady. He needs to be able to sit there and watch that second mark. Now, we're going to start off the drill by throwing a single mark on a flat, featureless field like you see here, Missy, and ask the dog to pick up the retrieve.

0:34 Next, we're going to throw a bumper out to the same location we threw the first one. And we're going to ask the dog to sit and watch a second bumper thrown. Now that second bumper needs to be about 90 degrees from the first there's no chance of the dog switching. Sit. Missy!

0:50 Now, once your dog retrieves that first bumper, we're going to ask him to go pick up the memory bird. Now this should be pretty straight forward because the dog's already
picked up a bird at this location. Missy!

1:03 Once your dog shows confidence doing this drill, you can move the drill to a different location and start to omit throwing the first, single bird. Sit. Once your dog has mastered doubles...Missy! can use the same technique to increase the number of marks you throw for your dog.

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