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Innotek BC-100 - Rechargeable No Bark Collar

Is your dog’s excessive barking driving you crazy? Are your neighbors not so neighborly when it comes to your dog’s barking? Well, if you’re like most of our clients who write to us about barking problems with their dogs, you need a solution that is guaranteed to work, every time!

Innotek now offers a bark collar that goes the extra mile. Not only is the Innotek BC-100 small and compact, weighing only 2.5 ounces, and waterproof (making it the ideal choice of people who kennel their dogs while not at home). But the BC-100 offers advanced features that separate it from the pack. This lightweight collar offers seven levels of stimulation, is rechargeable and allows you to set the sensitivity level to stop low level barking or whining. Innotek has added a third probe on the collar receiver that allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the collar. The center probe on the collar detects the vibration produced by the dog’s vocal cords and gives him a correction when the vibration exceeds the level of stimulation you have set on the collar. Making this adjustment is as simple as turning the center probe counter-clockwise with your fingers. The further out the probe is the more sensitive the collar becomes. Additionally, Innotek has pre-programmed the BC-100 with a three second “relaxation break” between corrections. If the barking continues for over three seconds another correction is issued to your dog. After only a few sessions with the BC-100 your dog will understand that by staying quite he can avoid the correction issued by the collar.

Field Test Ratings
Ease of Use / Instructions7.5
Size / Weight9
Overall Rating 9.1
Favorite Features:
Rugged and Waterproof
Bark Sensitivity Adjustment
Barking can be a major problem if not addressed immediately. The correction given to your dog should be one that he will understand quickly. When your dog barks, the BC-100 collar senses the vibration caused by the dog’s vocal cords and delivers a mild, momentary electronic stimulation. If the barking continues for over three seconds another correction is issued to your dog. These corrections are not harsh or inhumane; in fact, you have direct control over how much stimulation is being applied to your dog. Because every dog is different in respect to their level of barking and their sensitiveness to collar correction, we feel that Innotek has hit a home run by allowing clients the ability to adjust both bark sensitivity and stimulation levels on the BC-100. This is something you will not find from other manufacturers of bark collars on the market today.

  • 7 Stimulation levels activated by barking
  • Lightweight 2.5-ounce receiver
  • Rechargeable Battery (Innotek’s SMART CHARGE technology ensures that the collar receiver cannot be harmed by overcharging).
  • Completely waterproof
  • Limited one-year warranty

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