How to Reset the SportDOG Collar Receiver to the Remote Transmitter

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How to Reset the SportDOG Collar Receiver to the Remote Transmitter

In order for your SportDOG Collar Receiver to work with a new SportDOG transmitter or to  reprogram a new collar to your already existing transmitter, this is how you will reset your Collar Receiver to your Sport dog 400 and Sport dog 800 system:

Turn the SportDOG Collar Receiver OFF.
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1. Turn your Collar Receiver OFF.

2. Holding the ON/OFF button down, the Receiver Indicator Light will come on and turn off after approximately 5 seconds.  If the Indicator Light begins to flash, that is an indication that the ON/OFF button was let go too early.  If that indeed happens, start all over and repeat from step #1.

3. After the Receiver Indicator Light has been turned OFF, let go of the button.

4. On the Remote Transmitter, hold the Upper Button until the Receiver Indicator Light flashes 5 times.  Occasionally, you will need to separate the collar and transmitter about 2-3 feet apart before the light flashes properly.  The collar receiver has been reset properly after you see the 5 flashes and will then begin flashing as normal.  If having trouble getting the Indicator Light to flash 5 times, start over again and repeat from step #1.

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