How To Get A Puppy To Stop Biting

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How To Get A Puppy To Stop Biting

by Jennifer Broome



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0:40 Here we are with our adorable puppy getting a great view of I think one of the top problems I help people with with their puppies. And that would be biting. He's pretty assertively, playfully, not aggressively biting on my hand. This is something I like to nip in the butt right away.

I do not like biting to start. I don't like it to continue, especially continue on until their five to six months of age. Especially when they're at this age and their teeth are needle sharp, you'll find that he can easily pierce your skin and ultimately it's just a bad habit to be doing altogether. So what are some successful ways to stop biting?

1:17 I really have found that the most successful way to stop biting is to give him a taste of his own medicine. And that would be, he's biting me, I'm going to reach around when he does that, wrap his lips into his own canine teeth til he gives a squeal so he's going to bite himself. (squeal)

So he just gave a squeal. Ouch that hurt. And there's typically three things that happen. He'll lick you and stop. He'll try to run away. Or they'll come back even more assertively.

1:46 Well, my leash enables me to control him from running away. I really don't want them to run away. Licking me would be fine. That would be more submissive. Coming after you again is typically a commonality that they tend to do and in that case, I simply correct again. It's important when you do correct your puppy that you don't get frustrated. You don't get angry. And you don't show fear or worry. Because at this age, it's really not aggression. He's teething. And he'd be chewing on his brothers and sisters at this age, so he wants to be chewing on my hands.

2:17 So he's kind of licking now. Now he's going to biting. I'm going to correct. (squeal) And I kind of did a silent correction. I didn't say anything and now we have him licking me again. So that's I've found one of the easiest ways to stop biting. If you can't get your hands on them just like I did, feel free to hold them right around the collar, or hold him by the scruff of the neck, so that you can reach around. But your timing is important. So when the biting starts to occur is when you can do (squeal) your correction.

And again, there's no anger with me. There's no feelings of emotion of being upset or afraid. It's a simple correction. And the alternative for him is, no bite, and he doesn't get that type of pressure anymore. Wonderful way to stop the biting, pinch those gums right up into his teeth.

That stopped that kiddo, didn't it? That's better.

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