Honoring A Retrieve

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Honoring A Retrieve

 by: Geoff English

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0:05 You know, one of the reasons I really enjoy waterfowl and upland hunting is due to the camaraderie among friends. You know and what that means ultimately is that you're going to have a buddy that wants to bring his dog hunting along with you.

Now, that won't be a problem if your dog will honor that other dog's retrieve.

0:19 Annie!

0:20 Today we're going to show you how to get that done. Now if you're going to do this drill alone, I would recommend using the two dog electronic collar, a slip lead and a seasoned dog that's capable of doing honoring. With the young dog at heal and sitting by your side, and a seasoned dog there ready as well, (launching sound) you're going to launch a bumper and send the seasoned dog on his name.

0:41 Tory.

0:46 If you've been releasing your dog on the fetch command, switch that over to only releasing him on his name. That way there's no confusion between the dogs of who's being asked to pick up the bird. And vary your time and which dog you're sending. Annie! That way they don't start anticipating the retrieve.

1:01 And one other point. If you dog shows any signs of creeping, that should be considered a break and dealt with accordingly. Now once your dog has mastered this by your side, you can start to do it from a distance or outside the blind. This is where an electronic collar becomes very useful.  Here! Good girl! 

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