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The first goose had been totally destroyed and was camp meat in a creative dish presented by our camp chef. The second bird that had been hit by Matt was a great example of a solid working range regarding the .17 caliber Hevi-Steel pellet as three projectiles had entered the birds left side, and while one stopped at the breast bone two others had entered the vitals and had produced massive hemorrhage and shock to the subject. In other words, the load killed the goose. The final longer range bird offered little information saved for the fact that anything less then a broken wing and that bird would have most likely been lost as a cripple. It was the wing break that allowed the recovery of the bird as a body hit had only produced some limited penetration, and in no way would the pellet ever have gotten to the bird’s vitals.

Over the next day in almost unbearable heat and high winds we continued to shoot early morning birds giving up the hunt by 9:00 a.m. due to building almost 100 degree temperatures, but the fact remains that it was established on that first test hunt that Hevi-Steel works, and works well if you can keep your shots at or near goose decoy ranges all of the time (under 60 yards).s

Thanks to the staff at Knock'm Down Production and their counterpart "Adventures" program, and with the required help of Oak Tree Kennels that offers some of the very best upland hunting in South Dakota bar none, I was able to get shot on birds at the very first possible date that the waterfowl hunting season was launched in this western state. As to the future of Hevi-Steel I believe it is a slam dunk in terms of it becoming one of the top choices among waterfowlers due to the affordable price, its retained energy is positive, and the bottom line is that it kills waterfowl dead in the decoys.

Hard Data Hevi-Steel

Ballistics / Pattern
Muzzle Velocity at test: 1400 f.p.s.
Density 9.16-19.
Shot size at test. .17 caliber "B".
Test Shotgun: Benelli Nova 3.5" chamber. Choke Seminole "Pass".
Target pattern - 30" circle at 40 yards. Measurement by % in circle.
Test Load Factory 1 1/8 oz 3" B Hevi-Steel.
Production roll crimp.

Range Yds VelocityEnergy ft/lbsLead in feet - 45 mph crossing target
30 yds88512.15.8
50 yds7007.810.9
60 yds6305.314.5
65 yds5993.815.8

Pattern Test:
Three target average: 84% 40 yards. 30" circle.

As we can see by the hard ballistic data this load will run out of steam at 65 yards and thereby return less then positive performance results on geese. Smaller targets are still within the range limit of B Hevi- Steel, but geese are at its long end regarding harvesting ability.

As for more information about this very new and different product stay tuned, as I have a list of events this Fall that will include test shooting the new Hevi-Steel in shot sizes from #6 through B .17 cal on both ducks and geese.

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