Goose Decoy Spread - Setting Up With The Wind In Your Face

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Goose Decoy Spread - Setting Up With The Wind In Your Face

By Hunter Grounds


0:35 Man, what a morning. We just finally got our 18th bird. The cameraman even got in on a little bit of the shooting. What we are, we're on a high spot, one of the highest spots for miles. We can see what looks like to me ten miles. But, we had a heck of a morning. We had a combination of full body silhouettes and some crackable. 

0:58 But the way we had to set up this morning wasn't really the way we wanted to but we were kind of forced to. We're on this big grass ridge right here with a corn field behind us. But the wind is blowing right in our face. And normally the way I do it, I normally run the biggest part upwind of me and we're on the edge of the spread.

But in this situation where they're coming behind us, and coming on the left side of the blinds, we put the majority of the decoys in front of us. And what it did it brought birds behind us and drug them right in front of us from where the wind was in our face. It worked out great, couldn't have asked for any better hunt. It was unbelievable.

Connecticut is one heck of a place to hunt. I'm glad to be out here with my buddy Wettish. We're going to get this stuff picked up and do it again tomorrow. You stay tuned.

1:46-2:02 [goose call noises]

2:04 Get 'em boys. [gunshots]

2:07 [Closing]

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