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This is the Good Stuff - Baschieri and Pellegri

by Bill Hanus

Special reports on products that enhance the shooting experience.
Although not exactly a household name in the U.S., among world class competitive shooters this is the ammunition used to win Gold Medals in the Olympics and other International shooting events. It is considered by many to be the best in the world. B&P utilizes the unique Gordon System patent, a new and revolutionary shotgun hull manufacturing system that reduces chamber pressures and produces less felt recoil.

The same B&P proprietary technology that wins 12 gauge Gold Medals goes into their small gauge loads. A favorite of my 16 gauge customers is their F2 Class 29 gram (about 1-1/32 oz.) load that goes out the door at 1325 fps and strikes like lightning. This load is offered shot sizes Nos. 5,6,7 (barn pigeons, beware!) 8’s, 9’s (B&P is one of the rare shotshell makers that catalog the wonderful small shot sizes in 16 gauge) No.10 shot (yes 10’s-- the perfect choice for woodcock, pen-raised quail and other 12-yard targets you don’t want to mangle). Even a No. 11(!) shot, said to be useful for popping off bats in belfries, or sparrows in auditoriums, or wherever you want to shoot indoors without blasting holes in the ceiling. Also a 20 gauge load with No. 9-1/2 shot! And a new 28 gauge load that operates at chamber pressures 25% lower than most other brands.

This is a company that dots all it’s i’s and crosses all it’s t’s. They stop their production runs more often to double-check accuracy; they polish their shot (it flies faster, truer, with less feather draw); they sort out out-of-round pellets (which means more pellets in the target area) and they do it all with lower operating chamber pressures and recoil. Call Mike Dotson at 972/726-9073 for B&P shotshells. If you identify yourself as a friend of Bill Hanus, Mike will absorb the shipping charges.

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