Getting Your Dog In Your Hunting Blind

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

Getting Your Dog In Your Hunting Blind


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0:05 You know if you've done any amount of duck or goose hunting from the field, you probably already realize the importance of concealment and keeping your dog safe. Today we're going to show you a technique to keep your dog concealed in the blind with you and out of harm's way.

0:19 Good boy. Good boy. Thatta boy.

0:23 Now the first step is your dog the concept of the place. We're going to use a piece of indoor/outdoor carpeting. We're going to put it on the ground in front of us. With the dog at heal we're going to walk towards that carpeting and give him the command, go to your place. Now, every time he executes that command, you're going to want to praise him.

0:38 Place. Place. Good! Good boy! Good boy! Get in your place.

0:44 Now, once your dog's mastered the place command while at heal, you can take the place mat and bring it in to the blind and reissue the command.


Now as he gets more and more comfortable getting in and out of the blind, you can move the place mat behind the seat in the blind. Now it may take a little coaxing to get him behind the seat. But once he's there, he's going to be well concealed and safe.

1:02 Toward here. Get in your place. Good boy. Good boy. Thatta boy.

1:12 If you practice this drill during the off season, you're going to have a dog that's safe and concealed while in the blind. For more information, video tips and products to help you get the most out of your hunting dog visit

Good boy. Good boy. Thatta boy.

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