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Etch-Marc Max 5000

Whether you’re pressed for time and/or training partners the Max 5000 is a tool that professionals and amateurs alike will find as a valuable training aid.

The Max 5000 can be set up in seconds and launches five bumpers without being reloaded – a real timesaver when compared to traditional bird launchers. From the first shot of the Max 5000, you can’t help but notice this is no ordinary remote launcher – even the propane shot used to propel the dummy sounds like a real shotgun blast. The Max 5000 launches highly visible black and white dummies that “wobble” in a near perfect arc that gives dogs a good look at the mark.

The Max 5000 can be equipped with either the Tri-Tronics or Dogtra Remote Release Systems. The unit we field-tested was equipped with the Dogtra RR (Remote Release). The Dogtra Remote Release is easy to operate and can control up to 6 launchers from a single transmitter. Another feature we found useful with the Dogtra RR was the locator functionality. The locator button sounds a beep (that was heard up to 150 yards) when depressed can be useful to help young dogs “look out into the field” when running marks.

Field Test Ratings
Ease of Use / Instructions9
Size / Weight9
Overall Rating 9.2
Favorite Features:
Multiple shot capacity
Adjustable power setting

Much to our surprise, a feature we used often when running tight marks was the ability of the Max 5000 to adjust the distance of the throws by simply adjusting the power setting. “No more fighting with the bird boy to get a consistent well placed throw.”

In summary, we were very impressed with the performance of the Max 5000. We found the Max 5000 so convenient and such a tremendous timesaver that we were able to run dogs on nearly twice as many “tests” than with other launchers we have used in the past. When it comes to training retrievers, the Max 5000 is the most innovative training device since the electronic collar.

  • Launches five bumpers before reloading
  • 150 launches before replacing propellant
  • Sets up in seconds
  • No loading or unloading of 22 blanks
  • No firing pins to set
  • Adjustable Power Setting.... 15 to 30 yard throws
  • Lightweight and portable. (20 pounds)
  • Compatible with Tri-tronics and Dogtra Remote Release Systems

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