Don't Shoot Into Big Flocks

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Don't Shoot Into Big Flocks

By Hunter Grounds



0:26 Tell you what. Let me give you a little tip on this morning, our situation. The wind kind of switched directions on us. And the geese were right in line behind us and the silhouettes. All we did was flip the blinds around.

0:40 But there were numerous times during the morning where we had four or five land, three or four land here, four or five land here. But there was 150, 200 birds in the air. And that's not always good. We could have raised up and killed five or six at times. But with that many birds in the air, why shoot when there's 150 to kill six? All that's doing is educating every one of them. Like tomorrow you let this rest a couple days, come back in here and shoot them again. 

1:06 You ain't always gotta kill to be successful. As far as I'm concerned doing them is the biggest part, shooting them is just a little extra bonus. But just remember, that many birds in the air is going to end up hurting you more than it's going to help you.

1:23 [Closing][Goose call noises and gunshots]


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