Concealing Your Layout Blind

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

Concealing Your Layout Blind

by Matt Wettish



0:20 Hey, what do you want to do for the afternoon hunt? Do you want to use the fake grass or go with this real nice natural coverage?


0:24 Matt: Definitely natural. There's no reason to take the fake stuff out. I mean, this is going to blend in a lot better for us. You go grab that or grab some decoys for us?


0:30 I will.


0:31 Matt: Thanks man.


0:34 Matt: We're almost completely done with this blind. I'll tell you, when I'm out in the field, there's nothing that I prefer more than utilizing natural cover. When I put natural cover on the blinds, you know that you're going to blend into the surroundings without a doubt.


You know there's a lot of different things on the market today in relationship to concealment, whether it be different types of material, different types of artificial grasses, all sorts of stuff. But first and foremost, my first priority is to see if I can get into natural cover when I'm in the field.


1:09 When I'm covering a blind like this with real grass, I like to get it as full as possible. Cover this thing so it looks exactly like the surrounding area. The more you get on and the more you conceal it up, the more you're going to blend.


Not only is grassing your blind up and covering and matching all the natural grasses and weeds that are in the area important, but another thing to take to the field with you is to look at the terrain differences and look at possibly the troughs that go down the corn rows or possible the terrain differences involved with the edge of a field or something where there''s an elevation difference that you can suck your blind up next to or possibly tuck it down into. That's going to make a big difference when it comes to those birds really scrutinizing your spread by lowering your profile or blending it in to the terrain.


1:59 I hope some of these tips are going to work out for you in the field. They certainly have for us. But one thing to remember, when you put on live stuff, you gotta take it off because if you pack these things up and put them away, they're going to get mildewy; they're going to start to rot and so forth and believe it or not, unless you're going out the next day, they're still not going to look the same. So fresh cover is always the best.


2:22 [Closing]

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