Calls That Don't Sound Like Geese, But Work

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Calls That Don't Sound Like Geese, But Work

by Hunter Grounds



0:25 Welcome to Gundogs Online. I'm Hunter Grounds. What I want to talk to you today is calls that don't sound like geese but they do respond to it and they do kill them. As you notice, we've got our cameraman, Tony, in there. We were two birds shy. And we've seen five geese, over there probably three quarters of a mile, way over there.


And Rick, the other cameraman was running around with the flag and I was hollering at him. And three of them broke off and they came over the power lines and I mean it was straight in. It's not a call that you would use in a contest. But they respond to it and it is unbelievable. It's just a series that I do that's always worked, anywhere I've ever went.


1:07-1:13 [goose calling]


1:14 Today, it worked again, here inConnecticut. You just sit back; check this out and watch how this unfolded.


1:23-1:40 [goose calling]


1:42-2:19 [indistinct talking] over the hill. Get in, get in, get in. [geese noises] [indistinct talking][goose calling]


2:20-2:23 [gun shots]


2:25 Back.


2:26 [Closing music begins]


2:35 [whistle blowing]


2:36 Good boy. Kennel. Good boy. Kennel. Good boy! Good boy!


2:46 [Closing]

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