An Easy Way To Stop Your Puppy From Jumping

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An Easy Way To Stop Your Puppy From Jumping



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0:39 Well, here's our other real common problem that we have with our puppies. And that would be jumping. And while he's only nine weeks old and he's really cute, and honestly it doesn't really hurt me or bother me when he jumps on me at this age, but anytime I let them get away with a behavior, at this age, it really just continues to snowball and stay with them through the rest of their lives into adolescence and into adulthood.

So what's some good methods that we can use to correct this crazy kind of problem that we have of jumping?

1:12 Well first, I like to have a little bit of props. I like to have maybe a bowl of food. And I like to have a lease to possibly correct him with. The bowl of food is going to allow me to what I call set him up to mess up, so I can correct him.

So I'm prepared here. I know he's going to jump. I have my bowl of food. He wants this bowl of food. And what I'm going to do when he jumps up to me, is use my energy and step toward him to get out of my way. Here's my energy stepping toward him.

I didn't have to get loud. I didn't have to get annoyed. I certainly didn't step on him or knee him in the chest which could really hurt him at this young age. Instead, I brought my energy up and I stepped toward him. I defended my space and he backed right off.

1:54 Now I can give him some food because honestly this is only the second time that I corrected him for this and he already is losing his interest to jump on me.

2:05 A second way that you can help to stop the jumping, again is, be in the position to set him up, so he'll mess up so you can correct him, and that would be to have your little slip lead on and give him a tug away, a quick, sharp tug away as his front feet left the ground. A good command to use is the word, off.

So front feet come up, and look at how quickly these methods work. He's already backing up. This is a very smart puppy and he wants nothing to do with jumping on me.

2:34 So if I remain consistent with this method, if I try to set him up to mess up so I can correct him, this jumping will very, very quickly go away. It can continue to when I sit down because it's not okay for him to jump up on me when I sit down. So if he tries to jump on me, and it's funny, this pup 10 minutes ago was jumping all over me and with two little corrections just like I did, he's really losing interest in jumping on me.

3:01 So again, I might try to set him up to mess up and what I want to do is just give him a little poke right off of me. A little poke right off of me. Now he sits politely; now I can give him a piece of his food and a poke off me. Good.

I don't really use food to reward them. I'm using it more as a distraction in this case. Off. Good. Off. Again, through patience, persistence and repetition, we're going to pretty quickly teach this pup how to stop jumping on us.

You're a good guy. Want your food? There you go.

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