A Great Short Reed Goose Call For Kids

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A Great Short Reed Goose Call For Kids

by Matt Wettish



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0:57 There he is. What a time. You know, I just seen a dad and son walk through here going to do the same thing. I mean look at the fight this thing is putting on. First time I've ever done this and you know the thing I thought what a great way to get a kid involved in the outdoors and to let him enjoy this, unbelievable place we've got here to fish. It's awesome.


But one thing I also want to talk to you about is when I seen this father and son just walk by, was getting a kid started in the outdoors. And the way I was started, was brought up, duck and goose hunting. And what I want to talk to you about is starting your kid on a goose call, which call to get him, which call to buy. You don't necessarily have to get an expensive call or inexpensive call. But I just want to talk to you about which call that would probably suit a kid that is just beginning out, starting out on a goose call.


2:12 We don't get no better than this, you know it man?


2:14 Matt: That's awesome, isn't it? Nice fish, man. Right on the lip.


2:23   Man, what an awesome time here inConnecticut, catching these brown and rainbow trout. I just got that fish back in the water. As I was saying whenever I was fighting that fish, call for kids, you know, I know there's a lot of fathers out there, and also mothers, looking for a less expensive call to get for their kids, just for the simple fact that kids lose things. Everybody loses things. I still lose things all the time.


Instead of getting a $150 call and if they lose it, you're out 150 bucks, if they lose this polycarbonate, 60 bucks, you're not out $150. It's a great call for beginners, a great call for kids. It's something, instead of growing out of, they're going to grow into and they're going to have this call for a long, long time, and possibly a lifetime. It's something that they can go from one step to another and get the basics. And it can also win contests. It won the 2000 International, 2009 World Championship. It speaks for itself on the stage and in the field. And it's a great call for beginners. So you keep that in mind next time you're looking for a call for your kid.


3:40-4:36 [goose calling]


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