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Dogtra FAQ

1. Which collar is the right one for my dog?
Answer : Dogs with soft to medium dispositions can be trained with Dogtra 175NCP or 200NCP Gold low to medium power units. For dogs that have high prey drive and/or a high pain threshold, Dogtra recommends a low to high power unit such as the 1100NC, 1200 series, 1800 series or the 2000 series.
Note: it is always best to have a unit that has some power in reserve for critical training situations and also for when your dog matures.

2. What is the pager function and how is it used?
Answer : This feature offers a non-electrical form of stimulation that can be used as an attention-getter for very mild-mannered dogs. (Available on the 200NCP Gold series, 1200NCP series and 2000NCP series.)

3. Can the pager function be added to an existing system without it?
Answer : No.

4. Can I change my single dog unit to a two-dog unit?
Answer : No. Dogtra's technology does not permit receivers to be added to single-dog units at this time.

5. What is the rheostat dial?
Answer : Dogtra's patented rheostat intensity control, provides an infinite amount of levels of stimulation that can be changed at your transmitter. A rheostat is like a volume control on a radio. The more you advance the control the more the intensity increases. This is available on all Dogtra training collars except for the 1800 series, which has a selector style intensity control that clicks between 8 levels.

6. Are Dogtra's collar/receivers waterproof?
Answer : Yes. All of Dogtra receivers (the unit that fastens around the dog's neck) are waterproof. This includes Dogtra's YS bark collars.

7. Are Dogtra's transmitters waterproof?
Answer : The 1200, 1800 and the 2000 series have waterproof transmitters. The 175, 200, 1100 e-collar models and the RR launching systems have transmitters that are only water-resistant.

8. Are the batteries user-replaceable?
Answer : Yes, for most models. However, some technical knowledge is required to ensure the waterproof seal. Improperly done work may allow moisture in, resulting in damage to the electronics. Therefore Dogtra recommends sending the unit back to them for battery replacement.

9. How and when should I charge my Dogtra e-collar or RR?
Answer : Your Dogtra training collar has Ni-Mh batteries that can be charged at any time. There is no need to drain them down as you would with Nicad batteries, which have a memory. Please note that Dogtra does not recommend trickle charging (leaving on the charger nonstop when not in use). To attain a complete charge Dogtra suggests a 14-hour charge on both the receiver and transmitter.

10. How long will the batteries last on a full charge?
Answer : The batteries in the units have an average standby life of 34-hours.
With moderate nick, constant or pager use, battery life will decrease to approximately 20 hours.
If the unit will be stored unused for an extended period of time, Dogtras recommends fully charging the batteries every 2 months to maintain the batteries.

1. Are longer/shorter collar straps available?
Answer : Dogtra collars come standard with a user-replaceable 24" collar strap. It can be replaced with a 32" collar strap when requested at time of purchase at no additional cost. If a shorter strap is needed, the collar strap can be cut with no adverse effects to the unit.

2. I lost the transmitter or receiver. Can I replace it without buying a whole new set?
Answer : Yes. However, you will need to send in your transmitter or receiver for a new replacement to be built. Send it in with a completed Service Request Form or simply include a note indicating that a new receiver or transmitter is needed. Provide a daytime phone number where you can be reached for an estimate on replacement costs and a return address (no P.O. boxes, please).

1. My unit doesn't seem to be working. How do I get it repaired?
Answer : If you have fully charged your unit for 14 hours and it is still not functioning properly, send in your unit with a Service Request Form or a note stating the exact nature of the problem. Please be sure to include your daytime phone number and a return address (no P.O. Boxes, please).

2. How long do repairs take?
Answer : Most repairs can be completed within 48 hours after Dogtra receives your unit, as long as all needed parts are in stock. Some repairs, however, will require additional work time.

3. I just received my unit back from repair and it still isn't working.
Answer : In order to ensure a timely turnaround, we do not recharge units before sending them back. Try giving the unit a full charge before testing. If it is still not working, call Dogtra's office at 888-811-9111 for further instruction.

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