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JetBoil was originally created for the backpacker/hiker industry; its popularity has since spread to other facets of the outdoor world. Since 2004, JetBoil has earned many awards such as Backpacker’s Editor’s Choice and Outsides Gear of the Year.

JetBoil’s popularity is fueled by its packability, ease of use, and efficient quick cooking. This micro cooking system packs down to the size of a large coffee mug and takes up minimal space in a blind bag, vest, or boat. JetBoil is perfect for the hunter/dog trainer that is spending time in the field and wants the benefit of fresh hot food and/or a beverage. JetBoil weighs just 15 oz. and measures 7.1” in height in travel mode. The entire stove is self-contained in the JetBoil mug therefore there is no fumbling for parts. Assembly of the stove happens in mere seconds and no tools are required for assembly.

When looking at this micro cooking system, it is a mere fraction in size compared to the common butane burner or gas stove that most outdoorsmen bring into the field. This little machine may be small but do not let its size fool you! Once assembled, cooking is simple; everything from a cup of coffee to a shrimp dinner can be ready in minutes. JetBoil uses half of the fuel than most stoves and its design has made it virtually impervious to the elements. The JetBoil burner has been designed with a Piezo ignition system, which lights in the windiest of conditions (At 35 mph gusts, the JetBoil ignition system has never failed to work).

Once the stove is lit, the level of heat can be adjusted with the simple turn of a dial. When turned on high, JetBoil can boil 2 cups of water in approximately 2 minutes. Mountain House has designed a whole line of 8 “Pro-Pack” meals that fit directly into JetBoil’s mug. Now quick hot meals can be prepared, and better yet, once your done eating there is no clean up. Just pull out the Mountain House Pro-Pack and your mug is as clean as a whistle and ready to make your next dish or cup of coffee.

JetBoil has a series of accessories that work with the cooking system; everything from a French Press, Pot Support & Holder (for cooking larger meals) to companion cups if you want to share. JetBoil is perfect for anyone who spends extended time in the field and values a good hot meal or beverage.

NutriSource Super Premium Dog Food
NutriSource Super Performance Dog Food offers super premium nutrition. This 32% protein food is becoming more and more popular with the working dog community as it is specially formulated and blended for high performance dogs. NutriSource Super Performance feed is a mixture of chicken, rice, and selected key ingredients to maintain peak performance. The food is fortified with Omega 6 & Omega 3 fatty acids, gloucosamine, chondriotin, vitamin C and last but not least, a series of probiotics.

NutriSource Super Performance 540 Calories per 8 oz. cup
Crude Protein (Min)32.0%
Crude Fat (Min)21.0%
Crude Fiber (Max)3.0%
Moisture (Max)10.0%
*Omega 6 Fatty Acids (Min)3.9%
*Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Min)0.9%
*Glucosamine (Min)550 PPM
*Chondroitin (Min)200 PPM
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profile.

Pup Hut
The Mossy Oak Pup Hut is perfect for those hunters that are looking for ways to bring shade into the field. This instant shelter assembles in minutes and provides shade and protection from the elements. The Pup Hut is crafted from heavy-duty vinyl coated nylon that repels rain, heat, and wind. The heavy-duty powder coated frame fits most full size pick-up trucks, creating a shelter that is 17” higher than the top of the bedrail offering ample room for kennels and large size dogs.

Pup Hut comes in both Mossy Oak as well as plain black.

T-Post Stepper
The T-Post Stepper is a necessity for those hunters crossing a T-Post fence. This specialty tool makes climbing over T-Post fences easy. Gone are the days of barbed wire ripped clothing or trying to scoot under a fence. The lightweight T-Post Stepper attaches in seconds and can support up to 1,000 pounds of weight to safely cross over any fence.

The T-Post Stepper is a simple 3 step process:

1.) Affix the T-Post Stepper to the T-Post
2.) Step up and over the barbed wire
3.) Step off

It is that simple! The T-Post Stepper is constructed of lightweight aircraft aluminum and is covered in a pouch that can be worn on your hip for quick and easy access.

For $19.95 this little tool can save your favorite hunting vest or pants from barbed wire as well as prevent accidents when trying to cross fence lines.

TruckVault started production in the1980’s as a solution to organize work vehicles. Not until 1995 was the concept embraced by sportsmen. Sportsmen now use TruckVault as a way to organize and lock their gear (for example, firearms and valuables), now there is little reservation of leaving gear locked up tight rather than in the back or cab of the truck. TruckVault is now the #1 provider of custom storage solutions for both pick-up trucks and SUVs. TruckVault offers 2 lines of products. The “Standard” offers the original version of TruckVault single and multi drawer systems and the “Magnum” which has been designed with twice the depth of and storage of the standard system.

TruckVault will keep your gear safe and organized and also concealed from view.

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