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Hunter Specialties
Since 1977, Hunter Specialties has been helping hunters harvest more game by offering some of the most innovative products in the field. As time has passed, they have become an authority on big game, turkey, and waterfowl hunting.

This year, Hunter Specialties has produced two new affordable goose calls designed after the acrylic call “Bad Medicine” - the Hitman and the Flamed Hedge calls. Both have been designed for hunters that demand short reed performance. These two calls offer hunters the ability to create a range of soft moans to crisp clean hail calls. They also offer all the middle work needed to pull birds tight into the decoys.

Hunter Specialties Goose Calls
The Hitman is designed in a rusty orange color polycarbonate with a metal band. For those hunters that like the sound and feel of a wooden call, the Flamed Hedge features an Osage Orange Wood barrel with a polycarbonate insert and metal band. The Flamed Hedge short reed goose call is hand tuned and offers hunters a slightly better performing call out of the box.

To top it all off Hunter Specialties has kept both of these calls extremely reasonable in price. The Hitman retails for $39.95 and the Flamed Hedge for $79.95. Both calls will provide years of short reed performance in the field.

Hunter Specialties Floating Blind Bag
It is natural for hunters to bring gear into the field. Hunter Specialties has created a new floating blind bag that will store all your gear and keep it dry from the elements. These blind bags have several pockets to organize your gear for quick access and a solid rubber bottom for protection if you are hunting in standing water. This bag has everything from 12 gauge shell loops to a 100% waterproof safety pouch to keep your valuables dry and safe. This bag is well thought out and will keep your gear in perfect order.

Hunter Specialties Push Pole
Boat hunters, look no further! Many hunters are always looking for the perfect push pole to maneuver their boat into a tight nook or to safely work through their decoys. Hunter Specialties Push Pole is crafted from sturdy aluminum and is fully adjustable from 58” to a whopping 10’. The collapsed length makes it perfect for quick storage; and the 10’ length should work in most marsh situations. In addition, the push pole has been painted with a dull antiglare olive green paint, which allows the poll to blend into any environment. For comfort, the Hunter Specialty has installed a wrist strap and a full rubber grip to always keep the pole in reach and to prevent it from being dropped into the water.

Hunter Specialties Decoy Bags
Hunter Specialties introduced a new series of decoy bags that are crafted from heavy-duty polyester mesh or PVC coated polyester. These bags are built to hold their weight in decoys from wood duck sized birds to your magnum geese decoys. The bags range in size from 30” x 38” to 42” x 58” to 30” x 38” to 42” x 58”. Hunter Specialties has designed each bag with a rugged design and as the dimensions of the bag increase so does the durability. The magnum bag has wide nylon carrying straps, which are box stitched to hold even the heaviest of loads.

Smart Stick
As hunters looked to increase their goose decoy spreads, many have turned to silhouette style decoys, as they offer a high level of visibility that can be set up in a relatively short period of time. When creating a silhouette spread, the majority of the time is spent punching through semi-frozen ground to create dozens of holes needed to set the decoy spread. While most hunters have devised a system or tool to aid in this project, the Smart Stick offers a quick, simple solution.

The Smart Stick’s “T-Post” design makes punching holes a snap. Smart Stick has minimized the need of constantly bending over for each hole. While standing upright, simply insert your foot into the metal stirrup and use the downward force of your body weight to create the perfect hole. No more pounding, stomping, or straining; simply put the 9” spike where you want a hole and step down. The 5/8” diameter hole works perfectly for all silhouette brands.

The Smart Stick has other advantages over the traditional hole-punch. Its “T Post” design means that the Smart Stick can be used as a decoy support to set up “kite-like” decoys. This adds another dimension to your spread. Finally, some have used multiple Smart Sticks as an anchoring system for a ground blind.

Add a Smart Stick to your bag of tricks and see just how fast you can set out your next decoy spread.

PetAg Vive Bar
Over the years, hunters, trialers, and hunt test dog owners have looked for ways to improve their dog’s performance and aid in recovery time. In 2005, PetAg created the Vive Performance Bar to fill this much needed gap and give field dogs a way to quickly re-energize. This 2.7 ounce vanilla flavored bar is well liked by dogs. The cookie-like consistency makes it easy to break into bite sized pieces. This high fat and protein based bar is perfect for giving a quick burst of energy without the risks associated with giving your dog a full meal. The bar is comprised of 13% protein and 22% crude fat, these ingredients insure consistent energy and both will aid in keeping your dog energized and active in the field as well as aid those dogs who need additional nutrition.

Keep a couple bars in your vest, blind bag or training bag to help keep your dog’s performance in the field.

Remington Neoprene Vest
Waterfowlers understand cold water pulls heat away from the body 3 times faster than air. Exposure to the elements can have serious consequences, especially in the late season when water temperatures drop across the country. The Remington™ Neoprene Dog Vest is designed from 3mm neoprene and comes in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass™. The vest is stitched and glued on each seam, giving it superior construction to most vests on the market. The heavy duty zipper is protected by a neoprene flap which securely velcros shut to keep the zipper free from debris and prevents unexpected openings. The fitted vest holds tight to the dog’s body therefore trapping body heat. In addition to the natural buoyancy of neoprene, Remington has added two additional flotation panels on each side to vest to further aid floatation in rougher water or long swims. When you are suiting up in your protective gear, don’t forget your dog!

The vest comes in size Medium – XXL.

Cat’s Eyes
Cat’s Eyes Cap Light is one of the most innovative lights that sportsmen have at their disposal. Weighing a mere 1.24 oz, the Cat’s Eyes Cap Light is designed to clip to the brim/bill of any standard baseball cap. Its lightweight design is virtually unnoticeable, but provides an ultra bright light via 3 powerful LED bulbs. The water resistant light offers a hands-free light source so you can keep your attention on the task at hand.

Cat’s Eyes are powered by 4 lithium coin cell batteries that provide approximately 24 hours of ultra bright light. The LED bulbs will last for more than 10,000+ hours and comes in bright white or green.

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