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Field Tips and Tactics

GundogsOnline offers up some of the best hunting tips and tactics you can find online, and all for free.  No matter if it's waterfowl, upland, or hunting dog oriented, we've got it covered.  From the top pros in the country, right to you, these videos will help you be more successful next time your out hunting.

Duck Calling with Dave Hochman

Dave Hochman offers up his expertise and goes through all the vocalizations made by a duck one by one through his duck calling demonstration. He explains what each call means, when to use it and how to make each sound with the duck call.

Geoffrey English - Likes this Video Posted on 11/16/2010

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Start Off Calling Easy While Hunting Geese -- Tim Grounds, of Tim Grounds Championship Calls, talks about why you should start off easy while calling to geese in the field, and how it can pay off in the end if they don't commit right away.
An Easy Way To Hydrate Your Dog In The Field -- Professional trainer Jennifer Broome demonstrates a simple way to make sure your dog gets the water it needs while afield. She also shows how to identify signs overheating, as well as ways to treat them and cool your dog down.
Planning A Competition Goose Calling Routine -- Hunter Grounds, 3 X Wold Goose Calling Champion, goes over how to plan and put together your competition goose calling routine step by step.
Explaining The Sections Of Giant Decoy Spread For Geese -- Hunter Grounds gives a description of all the different sections in a giant spread of decoys. He talks about what kinds he uses, where he uses them, and why, for the best results.
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