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Tri-tronics Replacement Batteries

We carry a full line of Tri-tronics replacement batteries for Tri-tronics dog collars, bark collars, and beeper collars.

Tri-tronics Replacement Batteries Items

  • Tri-Tronics NiMH Collar Battery Pack Image
    Tri-Tronics NiMH  Replacement Battery - this kit replaces collar batteries - part # 1038100 
    • Fits Pro 100, 200, 500
    • Flyway, Upland Special, Beagler
    • Classic and Field 70, Trashbreaker Ultra II
    • Sport 50, 60, 65 BPR
    • Multi-Sport models
  • Tri-Tronics Transmitter Replacement Battery- G3/G3 EXP Field & Pro Series Image
    Tri-Tronics Transmitter Battery is available for the G3 Field and Pro Series units.
    • Fits G3 Field & Pro Transmitters
  • Tri-Tronics Receiver Replacement Battery - G2, G2 EXP, G3 and ViceBreaker Image
    This battery fits only the G2, G2 EXP, G3 and ViceBreaker collar receivers. It may be charged separately.
    • Fits G2, G2 EXP, G3 and ViceBreaker collars
  • Tri-Tronics  9V Transmitter Replacement Battery  Image
    Tri-Tronics 9V Replacement Transmitter Battery - Fits:
    • Sport Basic G3, Sport Combo G3, Sport Upland G3
    • Sport Junior, Beeper, Sportsman
    • Companion, Multi-Sport 2S and 3S
    • Sport 50S, 60S, 65 BPR models
  • 3 Volt Lithium Replacement Battery  Image
    Tritronics Bark Limiter G3 collar and Sport Jr. replacement battery - This battery type does NOT fit the older Tri-Tronics bark limiter collars.
    • Fits the XS and G3 Bark Collars
    • Fits the Tri-Tronics Sport Jr. 
    • Fits Garmin BarkLimiter, Garmin Delta Upland Beeper
  • Garmin Delta/Sport/Upland Collar Lithium-Ion Battery Image
    Replacement battery for your Garmin Delta, Delta Sport, Delta Upland dog training collar. Bring an extra lithium-ion battery while training  or purchase as a replacement battery.
    • For the Garmin Delta /Delta Sport/Upland collars
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Lithium – Ion
    • Full charge -lasts up to three months
  • Garmin Delta/Sport/Upland Transmitter Lithium-Ion Battery Image
    This is a replacement battery for your Garmin Delta, Delta Sport or Delta Upland transmitter. 
    • For Garmin Delta /Delta Sport/Upland Transmitter
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Lithium – Ion
    • Full charge -lasts up to three months