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Tri-Tronics Beeper Collars

Tri-Tronics offers pointing dog hunters two models of beeper locator systems; the standard beeper collar (Tri-Tronics Accessory Beeper G2) and a combination training / beeper collar (Tri-Tronics Sport 65 BPR G2. All the new Tri-Tronics G2 series training collars can be easily expanded to a training / beeper collar combination by adding the Tri-Tronics Accessory Beeper to your system. You can now turn the accessory beeper on or off by simply setting the intensity dial on the transmitter to the accessory position and pressing the accessory on/off button. Tri-Tronics also offers two models of combination training / beeper collars; the new system the Tri-Tronics Uplander G2 (1 or 2 dog model) and the ever popular Sport 65 BPR G2. Tri-Tronics collars come with a full 2 year warranty

Tri-Tronics Beeper Collars Items

  • Tri-Tronics Upland G3 Receiver and Beeper Image
    This model can be used to expand your existing TriTronics G2 and G3 Upland Special and the Tri-Tronics Sport Upland G3.
    • Tri-tronics G3 Collar Receiver
    • Tri-tronics G3 Accessory Beeper
    • Green Collar Strap