oakley's first hunt

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oakley's first hunt

Posted By:billy donn holcomb on 12/30/2011

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Location: Texas, United States
This is Ozarks my future so bright, [oakley] this his her first hunt after getting her akc jr. title. She is a year an half old reg. black lab female from Paul Calhoun. great little pup with i hope many more hunts to go. I took this photo at my deer lease in east texas on a great little hunt all by myself. She has turned out to be a great dog and family companion for my three kids.

Comment By: Dana English
WOW! Nice first hunt! I think Oakley is hooked!
Posted on: Thursday, April 26, 2012 2:06 PM   

Dana English - Likes this Photo Posted on 4/26/2012
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