Whelping facility for puppies

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Whelping facility for puppies - Sold Out

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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We have a 48 foot semi trailer that we turned into a whelping facility to raise pups in. It was the best investment that we made for whelping litters. It works incredible for both moms and pups. The pups being off the ground keeps them clean and healthy. The moms go outside to go to the bathroom so keeping it clean is extremely simple.

When we quit breeding we sold the Whelping Facility to a friend that raises imported German Shepherds however the Shepherds are too aggresive to be in close poximity (visual sight or audible range) of other moms and pups so it doesnt work for him. Its perfect for pretty much any non aggressive breed that the moms are @ 60lbs and under. We used it for German Shorthairs, English Pointers and labradors. He asked me to advertise it for him since I have years of experience using it. He bought it from me for $5500 and is willing to take a loss at $2900. I put almost $10,000 into building it so its a heck of a deal and all the work is done.

The Whelping pens are 4 x 4 with plastic spacers around the inside about 4 inches off the bottom so that moms can not lay on pups up against the side and suffocate them (which happens all to often in traditional whelping boxes). They have pans underneath to catch the puppies poo that are easy to pull out and clean so sanitation is simple. It also has an outside access door on each pen and there are matching 4 x 4 pens on the outside where the moms go out to go to the bathroom and where we attach water buckets (so water doesnt spill inside). The inside and outside pens have been disassembled for transport and the entire trailer powerwashed, disinfected and then power washed again (takes about a half a day to do that and we did it a few times a year for overall sanitation) so it is ready to go. It is located in Odessa, MO and transport can be arranged for a little over $1.00 per mile (something like that, depends on carrier).

I have lots of pics however this ad only allowed for 4 so if you need more, just drop me an e-mail at shadymeadowskennel@gmail.com and Ill send them to you. If you leave a message through this site, it may be a while before I get it as I am not online much since we left the dog business. Any questions, call Shawn at 913-839-7086 or e-mail shadymeadowskennel@gmail.com