10 compartment dog box

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10 compartment dog box

  luke eaton

  21440 meadow oaks ln
          colfax, California - United States




made by "Allied body" in Seattle. Each of the 10 dog compartments are as follows: 19.5" wide by 24" Tall by 3 feet deep, plently of room for a full grown retriever or lab. Each of These compartments has a fan mounted in the back side as you will see in the pictures. It would work out wonderfully to have a 12v heater in the back compartment which would heat all 10 compartments. Each compartment fan has its own switch as you will see. The roof is insulated with foam, while the sides are not. Next, the two utility storage boxes as seen on both sides on the front of the box have measurements of 12" deep by 29.5" wide by 8" tall. Every compartment locks very securely with the same key. Next, the back storage area is 3.5 feet deep by 6.5 feet wide by 3.5 feet tall. As you can see in the picture, underneath the two compartments in the back storage area it goes about 1.5 feet deeper. Next, on the side, it has a place where you can slide in an advertising sign witch measures 37.5" tall by 36" wide. The overall measurements of the box are: 10'4 long (It works out to be the same as a regular long bed) by 6.5 feet wide by 5.5 feet tall. The back doors have a custom lock on it to trick people into pressing the button in order to "open" the doors, but really when you press it, it will lock it. It has a water storage tank on board, a rear bumper, brake lights, turn signal, and backup lights. I am sure I am missing features, any other questions let me know. Thanks (916) 622 5119