Heated Whelping Nest

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Heated Whelping Nest

  Derek Smith

  Grandview RD
          Daniels, West Virginia - United States




This is the best thing I have ever bought for helping raise a litter. It works great! Its way above heating pads. I have never lost a pup with the whelping nest and its built to keep them in it. I have only used this whelping nest for 1 litter. I have had to move for my job and the location that I am at now I can not raise any littler for a few years. So I've decided to sell it instead of just letting it sit in storage. Here is the description of the Whelping nest.

T.E.'s Heated Whelping Nest reduces mortality in newborn puppies, and produces healthier, more vigorous pups. Did you know that 30% of puppies die before weaning. The majority of those deaths are due to insufficient heat from an inconsistent heat source. Puppies cannot retain their own body temperature for the first week to 10 days of their lives. Since their ideal body temperature should be 96 TO 100 degrees F, obviously supplemental heat is necessary. Now there are quite a number of heating aids on the market, but none that can maintain a constant, even temperature no matter what the surrounding environment. The Whelping Nest has an electronic heat sensor that constantly gauges the temperature and adjusts it accordingly. This maintained temperature, next to eating, is the most important element in a young puppy's life. You'll be surprised at the increased rate of gain and how much more healthy and vigorous your puppies will be. The dish shaped nest simulates a natural nest and serves the important function of keeping the pups all together in one area, making the female's job much less stressful. You don't use newspapers or blankets with the whelping nest. The plastic surface of the dish and a finished floor are much easier for the female to keep clean, and you'll find it does a better job. If you save one puppy, you've paid for the nest. Believe me, once you've used the whelping nest you'll never raise another litter without it. 23" outside diameter.


* Reduces the mortality rate of puppies
* Produces healthier, more vigorous pups
* Maintains a constant temperature between 96 and 100 degrees F
* Electronic heat sensor constantly gauges temperature
* Dish shaped design simulates a natural nest environment
* Easy to clean with a damp towel

I paid $250.00 + Shipping for this whelping nest which is like new and has been used on 1 litter. Thanks for looking and God Bless.