Maurice Lindley / Brad Higgins Seminar 2 DVD Set

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Maurice Lindley / Brad Higgins Seminar 2 DVD Set

  Derek Smith

  Grandview RD
          Daniels, West Virginia - United States



This set has been viewed once and is in excellent condition like BRAND NEW. Here are the details of the DVD set;

**This 2 hour 25 minute, 2 DVD set was filmed May 17-18, 2008 at Martha Greenlee’s Piney Run Kennel in Baskerville, VA

Filmed in high definition (can be viewed on standard television too). Professional quality production and editing. This DVD also includes a

slideshow of photos taken at the seminar by Vic Williams.

The Seminar Includes:
* Discussions and demonstrations of checkcord management
* Understanding good timing of cues/corrections
* Introducing Puppies to birds and the shotgun
* Working numerous dogs on steadiness and the here command
* Using the e-collar and teaching dogs to handle
* Steady-to-wing-and-shot training
* Mo’s use of the Higgins Remote Releasers
* Problem dogs and problem solving***

This is a great set with a lot of instructions and learning tools. God Bless