(2) Northwind Grouse Habitat Maps (Wisconsin) LIKE NEW

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(2) Northwind Grouse Habitat Maps (Wisconsin) LIKE NEW

  Derek Smith

  Grandview RD
          Daniels, West Virginia - United States




I have two like new Northwind Grouse Habitat maps (Wisconsin) they have been used once. The only reason I'm selling is I'm not going to be able to go back up north for sometime. The first map is Book #18 Chequamegon National Forest NW to West of Clam Lake and NW of Loretta-rapper 1549 acers of Prime grouse cover. Contains information on 61 4-18 year old clear-cuts I paid $70.00 + shipping for it. The second book is Book #2 Park Falls District Southern Part of the Chequamegon National Forest 3145 Acers of prime grouse cover. With information on 119 5-17 year old clear cuts I paid $80.00 + Shipping, These books show a lot of cover that I never would have found unless I had the book. If you have been thinking of getting these books buy them here and save a lot of money as stated above I paid $150.00 + shipping for both books. God Bless