Innotek Command Series Track-n-Train CS-1600TT System

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Innotek Command Series Track-n-Train CS-1600TT System

  Fred Dunford

  21500 Oakwood
          Dearborn, Michigan - United States



For sale is a fully functional 2 dog Innotek track & train system (1 transmitter and 2 collars). Each collar has various levels of stimulation, 1/2 mile range, beeper and the capability of operating launchers & backers. Comes with manual in pdf, instruction booklet and carrying case.

The transmitter is brand new as a replacement last year. One collar is 1 yr old, the other is 2 yrs old. Both are fully functional and the speakers are in fine condition. Pictures available upon request.

Innotek CS 1600 Track N Train Remote Training Collar

The Track & Train® is Innotek's response to hunters who have wished for a way to limit the amount of "hardware" they have to hang on their dog's neck while hunting. The Track & Train® operates with the Command Series™ CS-1600 transmitter. The training and beeper functions are both programmable and instantly adjustable from the transmitter.

This is more than just a "training" collar. It´s a complete system that serves the pointing dog hunter/handler from the early days of spring training through the most demanding days of the hunting season. Based on the versatile Command Series™ CS-1600 transmitter, this system provides you with a combination training collar with a tracking beeper plus the option to operate Innotek´s remote bird launchers and Auto Backer. Best of all, everything runs from one transmitter. No returns, sorry.


* 1/2 mile range
* Small, lightweight collar-receiver and transmitter (2 collars Black & Yellow)
* Over 2000 programmable I.D. codes to minimize possible interference
* Operates up to two training collars AND up to eleven remote Bird Launcher or Auto-Backer units from one transmitter (launcher & backer are not included)
* Seven stimulation levels - four are instantly selectable at the transmitter
* Instant "hot" button for tough or dangerous situations
* Three stimulation mode options: continuous; momentary; or rising
* Three tone options: tone/stimulation; tone/delayed stimulation; or stimulation/no tone
* Waterproof collar-receiver and water resistant transmitter
* Extras: The old broken transmitter and an extra collar-receiver w/ cracked speaker are included free