Gun Dog Magazine Back issues

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Gun Dog Magazine Back issues

  Arthur Person

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Here is a complete set of Gun Dog Magazines from the inaugural issue Volume 1 # 1 through Volume 19 # 7. I am missing from this set, only one issue, Volume 14 #1 August-September 1994. I loaned this one to a friend, and he lost it!! Volume 1 through Volume 11 are bound, hard backed with the volume number issues 1-6 and the years on the spine. The other 8 years (24 issues) are loose. They could easily be bound to match the first 11 volumes. Volume 19 has 7 issues as #7 is the 19th Anniversary issue.

If you have ever wanted to have all of the early issues of Gun Dog Magazine, with all the great articles, training tips, Breed information, etc., this is your chance. Seldom are all the early issues offered together especially the inaugural issue, Vol 1 # 1.

Most of these early issues are impossible to obtain trough the magazine, as it only carries reprints for the past couple of years.