"Real Nice" Dog Trailer for Sale

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"Real Nice" Dog Trailer for Sale

  James Heasley

  3912 S. Felton
          Marion, Indiana - United States




More photos are available, just email me and I'll send them to you.

I had this trailer custom made back in 2005. It took us around a year to design and build it. I hate to let it go, but I haven't used it for about two years. The entire frame all the way out to the tongue is stainless Steel. The locks, latches and expanded metal sided & flooring are also stainless steel. As you can see, the rest of the trailer including boxes are diamond plated aluminum.

It was $9,500 new with a few additions I made. We're asking $7,500 OBO, but would consider doing some trading on a "nice" fishing boat.

For more information call me:

Jim Heasley
Marion, IN

PS-The reason’s I have it on the market to sell is I haven't used it for two years, I don't have the number of dogs I use to need the trailer to haul and I'm wanting a "nice" fishing boat that I would use more than the dog trailer.

About 15+ years ago I use to do a lot of fishing and being so busy and consumed with my hunting dogs has prevented me from being able to spend much quality time fishing. I like a balance I like to hunt and fish almost equally. So cutting back on the number of dogs I kennel and on a few unused things like the dog trailer will allow me to regain control of my life. The dog trailer is a great deal for someone that will be able to use it by spreading out their dogs when transporting them, its top of the line and if cared for properly should last a person a lifetime. That’s why I had it built, but I didn’t figure in the time it would take to care for all the dogs it would take to fill it.

I’ve had several inquire about the bellow information.

The dimensions of the dog trailer are:

Total width going out to the outside of the fenders over the wheels is 8’

The width not counting the fenders is 6’

Total length from the tip of the tongue to the very back is 22’

The length from the front of the first box to the very back of the trailer is 16 ½’

The length from the front of the feed box to the very back of the trailer is 18’