Tracker Collar/Receiver Used Twice

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Tracker Collar/Receiver Used Twice

  John English

  NV-United States


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Tracker Classic Receiver with Strike Collar. Includes: two batteries, two magnetic on/off switches, plastic case and nylon holster. Used twice. Sells new for $500.00 - will sell for $400. See details below.

Classic Receiver
Tracker’s Classic Receiver joins the innovative technology of Tracker and an affordable price. With the core features needed to locate and track one or two transmitters, the Classic features simplified usage and great reception.

Signal direction indicated by a series of lights and audible “beeps” from the on-board speaker
11 LED lights that indicate the direction of best signal strength
Attenuator simplifies tracking when the transmitter is near
Frequency Fine Adjustment compensates for drift allowing the receiver to be accurately tuned to the transmitter
Pocket-sized receiver weighs less than one pound
Milled from a solid aluminum bar, and antenna elements are virtually unbreakable.
The Classic receiver is rated at 12 miles line of sight; 4-7 miles in rolling hills and 2.5 - 4 miles in mountainous areas. However there are numerous factors that can effect this range, such as: transmitter strength; ground cover; moisture and receiver antenna being used.