Elhew English Pointer for Sale. Fully Trained

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Elhew English Pointer for Sale. Fully Trained

  Jake Zumpe

  359 Gibson Hill Road
          Chester, New York - United States



Scout is a lovable, purebred, English Pointer. She comes from a line of professionally bred hunting dogs in Pennsylvania. (On Point Outfitters) Scout has been our family pet and hunting dog for almost 4 years. She’s in great condition and up to date on her rabies vaccination. We are looking for a new home for Scout as we ourselves are moving to a new home.

Age: almost 4 years old. (born 6/10/17)
Color: black and white (see photo)
Sex: female (spayed)
Temperament: friendly to friends and family and pretty much everyone (loves kids)
Grooming: very little shedding
Physical needs: lots of exercise, water and 2-3 cups of dry dog food / day
Vaccinations: Rabies vaccine lasts for another year
Training: responds to “come” and “sit”, will perform as a pointing dog when hunting.
Tick and heartworm medications: Monthly dose of NextGuard and Heartguard
What comes with: Sport Dog 825x radio collar with remote (1/2 mile range), Kennel, Leash, etc.

We have trained Scout to hunt upland birds such as pheasant, chucker, grouse and partridge. She has successfully pointed many birds and holds point quite well. She loves to run and exercise and is a great friend to pretty much everyone she meets. She loves kids.

Asking price: $1,200 or best offer

Jake Zumpe
Chester, NY