Field Sales in Argentina Winifreda La Pampa Coto de Caza

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Field Sales in Argentina Winifreda La Pampa Coto de Caza

  Sabri luzz

  Argentina- Winifreda-La Pampa
          Winifreda, La Pampa - Argentina


descripcion "Excellent field sales located in La Pampa with Coto de Caza Armed"


Owner sells rancho in La Pampa (Winifreda Party) "The dream of the Buss hnos Alborada"
The field is located between kilometers 129 and 133 of the Provincial Route No 10 of the Province of La Pampa, Dept. of Conhelo, 80 kms of Santa Rosa, Pampa capital, 45 Kms Winifreda and 40 kms of Luan Toro.
"La Alborada" has extension 660 hectares more than 4 frames / full proportional caldén virgin batch assembly, and some carob and piquillín chañares.Ideal for beef cattle. With new perimeter fence and facilities excellent corrals, sleeve and charger Working regulatory backfire hacienda. Wire chopped in excellent condition, with tanks large pool of water, always Sendas pumps drilling portion, and 2 Electric power inputs, phase and single-phase. Currently it has 3 running of Olympic fencing, of which one you used today 25 fliar perimetrado of New Zealand zoo fence (with mouflon sheep, goats, red deer, antelope, pallets, axis, dorset, multicuernos, llamas) another 6 have to trap, and a reserve of 200 hectares of native fauna (mostly red deer and wild boar). The mountain is high, caldén, carob, piquillín and chañar, and thus make up the remaining 4 frames for other uses, making ...
The main house has 2 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, bathroom, pantry, covered gallery
cars, surrounded by guards caldenes yard, shaded by elm trees. About 400 meters away is located one
legal container housing prepared for a manager and / or hunters, with bathroom, kitchen and bedroom for 4 people.
Today there are about 400 animals grazing cattle.
The value is USD one thousand eight hundred twenty-five (or $ S2800) per hectare. Totaling US $ s2024000
I invested money in Argentina with the purchase of Coto de Caza field,
many people come to Argentina to hunt, also it serves as beef lease
that's the best attraction hunting deer, mouflon, jablies, puma, etc
1(Value has or u$s 2.800).
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