HRCH Black Labrador Male For Stud

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HRCH Black Labrador Male For Stud

  Maureen Keller

  PA-United States



HRCH Comer's Outlaw Drake. I am offering him out to stud so i can get some puppies on the ground an into the hunt test ring to promote him. He has been a dream dog to train an trail as well as we glided right thru all levels of the hunt test.I am an amature trainer an he has made the job very easy, His pedigree is very strong! i dont have it in front of me or would list it but a know his grand sire is UH GRHRCH Chavez's Magnolia Rebel MH, and grand dam is a HRCH as well, also i know he has several other GRHRCH, HRCH, SH, an field champions in there as well.. if you have any questions or would like to see pictures I can send them via cell phone..